Integrated Marketing and Sales Enablement

Customer Relationships: business meets personal. Choosing the best strategies for making strong, positive connections with customers is a never-ending challenge. The number of moving parts has become almost mind numbing. Proliferating digital channels. AI-assisted content delivery. Revenue attribution down to the level of specific touch points with individual buyers. With so many ongoing innovations in customer-facing technology and strategy, some days the work of building and maintaining customer relationships seems more geared for contestants on bizarro reality TV shows rather than sales and marketing professionals. What are the best bets for your organization? Many Doors can help you with integrated omni-channel marketing, sales enablement, marketing-sales alignment, and more.

Featured projects:

Executive social presence. The biggest bang for the buck in employee advocacy and social selling is provided by your organization’s leaders when they reach out to customers and influencers in social media. This is also, for a variety of reasons—namely, push-back from executives—a highly under-utilized approach. Many Doors has a solution.

Machine learning bias appraisal. Data is the lifeblood of your business. But is your data analysis ethical? And if it’s ethical, is it fined-tuned for connecting with your customers? Emerging issues in machine learning include an increasing realization that many techniques for big data analysis have baked-in race or gender bias. There is also recognized potential for optimizing data to better meet the needs of target demographics. If you’re using machine learning for any aspect of customer relationships, let’s talk

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