To thrive in a data-driven world, organizations must capture the long term value of data while building in digital ethics and responsible AI.

Data has become both the nervous system and a raw material for modern organizations. Data mastery across all functions is also becoming a competitive necessity. For example, investments in AI & machine learning can yield double-digit percentage gains in sales and reductions in costs1.

But transitioning to data-centered strategies requires more than an IT upgrade. Non-technical barriers can stall or sink data initiatives at multiple stages. In addition to overhead, data quality, privacy, ethics, and security issues, when your people aren’t ready to build on data you run significant risks of:

• delays, false starts, unnecessary costs, and lost opportunities
• damage to customer experience and to your brand
• disruption from regulators and legal actions, and
• lost revenue.

For Executives

Executives need to stay caught up with how their teams are using data and AI, including the digital ethics their teams are embracing, in order to provide strategic guidance internally and to investors, analysts, the media, and customers.


IT people who manage sensitive data and deploy AI systems need active input from other teams about their expectations concerning data quality, algorithmic bias, privacy, security, brand reputation considerations, and regulatory and compliance requirements.

Marketing, Sales & PR

Marketing, Sales, and PR Teams need support and guidance surrounding data, AI, and digital ethics so that they can safely use data and AI systems to communicate with customers, partners, and the public at large.

Legal & Compliance

Legal and compliance teams need an ongoing view of data sources, privacy practices, and AI systems being used by teams like marketing, sales, and HR early enough to spot red flags and recommend compliant guardrails.


Data scientists and engineers alone can’t transform your organization’s workflows and culture to help you capture the long term value of data while building-in digital ethics and responsible AI.

Many Doors can equip you with strategic guidance plus coaching and facilitation as needed for executives, data scientists, engineers, sales, marketing, legal and compliance teams, and everyone else affected by the impact of your data and AI strategy.

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