Organizations of all sizes are discovering that ethics challenges unexpectedly result from the ways in which their AI and data systems are created, supported, and applied. Many Doors equips these organizations with advice, strategy, and coordination for their executives, data scientists, engineers, sales, marketing, legal and compliance teams, and anyone else affected by the impact of their data and AI strategies.

For Developers and Data Scientists

Specialists managing consumer data and implementing AI systems need guidance to make appropriate decisions about data quality, algorithmic bias, privacy, security, brand reputation, and regulatory and compliance issues.

For Data and Technology Users

Data users like Marketing, Sales, PR, and HR Teams need support and guidance surrounding data, AI, and digital ethics so that they can safely use data and AI systems to communicate with customers, partners, and the public at large.

For Legal and Compliance Teams

Legal and compliance teams need ongoing insight into data sources, privacy practices, and AI systems being deployed to internal teams and external partners early enough to spot red flags and recommend compliant guardrails.