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Social Business – where business merges with personal

People are talking about you and your organization online. What’s your role in the conversation?

Social media is becoming entwined with the way people select products, choose suppliers, identify customers, seek customer service, find jobs, and form personal relationships. And because of the instant, viral nature of social media, changes happen before you know it.

  • Facebook alone is being used by hundreds of millions of people not just to discover consumer trends but to discuss and form opinions about every aspect of their lives, personal and professional.
  • Viral videos regularly spread like wildfire, reaching millions of viewers in only a matter of days.
  • Consumer review sites offer platforms on which customers can heap mounds of praise and criticism that can enlighten potential customers, competitors, and the businesses being reviewed.
  • Bloggers and reporters trade facts and theories and influence the opinions of countless business decision-makers and consumers via blogs and Twitter.
  • Recruiters and job candidates hunt one another across a virtual landscape, amassing key information about their targets on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Business people receive up-to-the-minute intelligence about the people they are going to call moments before picking up the telephone.
  • Virtual friendships form that are strong enough to influence careers and make or break businesses even though the friends may never meet in person.

You and your organization must deploy a wide range of skills and resources to engage successfully in social media. It typically takes a combination of marketing and PR skills, tech savvy, listening, writing, leadership, and policy knowledge to make the most out of social media. Many organizations lack the resources they need in one or more doors that have been opened by social media: strategy, training, coaching, technology, content development, metrics, and more.

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