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Social Business Consulting Services

SOCIAL BUSINESS is a new-ish way of improving organizations by using social media and other tools to inform and strengthen internal relationships and relationships with customers, partners, taste makers, neighbors, and wider communities. A social business has a strategy for engaging with everyone connected to it, to a greater or lesser extent.

What social business structures and tools should, or must, your organization have?
How do you stand to benefit, or lose, from your investment (or lack thereof) in social business?

Every organization is different. You must assess

  • your reputation in social media;
  • how customers, opinion-makers, and others use social media to talk about and reach out to your organization;
  • how team members—from executives to recruiters—use or could be using social media;
  • how competitors are using social media; and
  • how the products, imagery and stories associated with your organization are and could be shared via social media.

You need to identify your organization’s risks and opportunities.

You need to recruit an internal team—typically including but not limited to executives, sales, marketing, PR, customer experience, HR, recruiting, training, IT, and legal–who can collaboratively create an ongoing vision and strategy for social business, then execute on it.

I can help you to

  • assess your current condition, risks and opportunities;
  • define an acceptable level of engagement; and
  • build and motivate a team to deliver the optimal level of social business involvement that appeals to your organization.

My expertise in social business stems from 23 years experience as a marketer, PR specialist, salesman, startup founder, software developer, and corporate lawyer, and is informed by a degree in social psychology with emphasis on measurement and statistical methods.

This grid summarizes my domain experience:



Customers Metrics Revenue ROI Risk Management HR / Employee Relations Technology Knowledge Management Training & Coaching

Let’s talk about what social business looks like in your organization. Email me or call me at 206.963.2085, I’ll enjoy hearing from you.

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